Ombre Curtains

So I had seen on Pinterest these ombré curtains. I painted my room this navy color and wanted light curtains in my room but with a splash of color. These were the perfect combination.

I went to hobby lobby and bought the regular white broadcloth. Use the 40% coupon on their app. Make sure it is 1 long piece. Don’t have them cut it cause if they do they will only give you the discount on 1 stripe.

Then I bought the navy tie dye.

I have 4 steps of putting on the dye. I have the main dye in the bottle, then in 3 bowls I put water in it. Each one I put dye in it to go from dark to light.

Now I am ready to paint it on. Make sure your area is prepared for dye. It does stain. Doing this outside was what I should have done. It was a mess.

I start with the bottle and paint on the dark color.

Then paint on the next color

Then 3rd color

Last color

So watch this video of how I dropped the color onto the top of the brush to blend better. So now to blend the colors.

Now to hang them to dry

Hem the edges and finish out the curtains

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