Shiplap is my new favorite thing

This is one of my most favorite projects I think i have ever done.  We have a beautiful house that we built this past year with a wonderful company.  I have gone through the house in my head room by room to create custom things and this is one of my first projects I decided to do. So my husband went out of the country and I always come up with some project to keep me busy.  This project turned out so good


I started out by going to Home depot and got this wood. (15/32 inch plywood). I had the home depot guy cut it down to 6 inch planks.  My ceiling is 18 feet tall and I used about 5 sheets.

Below is the trim I got to finish out the edges.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 6.37.27 PM


Next, is pretty simple.  I measure how long to wood should be and cut all the pieces going up.

Once all that was cut I got my nail gun and nailed them up.  The important thing to shiplap is the SPACE in between the boards. I used NICKLES to be my spacers.  It was pretty simple.


Yes I was determine to finish this project in 1 night.  My kids were all in bed and homework was done.  I had 3 more boards left and man was this high.

Lesson I learned is paint the boards ahead of time before hanging them this high.  So glad I did that.  Made it alot easier so i didn’t have to get so high to cut in.


Once I finished the boards It was time to trim and paint.  I tested the paint to how I liked it.  On all the edges I just nailed the trim to frame out the shiplap. Most shiplap is done in white but I wanted something dramatic going up my fireplace.  I used Olymipa “Knights Armor” flat paint. I love this color.


I really loved how it turned out.  I ended up painting my picture to contrast the white stone fireplace and just kinda got stuff I had around the house to display everything.  The tobacco basket and wreath at the top came from Hobby Lobby.  I custom made the farmhouse sign and everything else I have had for a long time.

fireplace before

For questions or more information email me at


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